Sunday, July 01, 2007

Texas Flooding Forces More Evacuations

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (AP) -- High water from the Wichita River had forced evacuation of two neighborhoods, part of the severe flooding across Texas, and residents were uncertain Sunday when they could return.

Water had risen to about 4 feet deep overnight in one neighborhood where 175 people left, although water had started gradually receding in another neighborhood of the city in north Texas, city spokesman Barry Levy said.

City officials had urged residents to leave Friday and weren't sure when they could return because of concerns about contaminants in the water, he said.
Around the city of Weatherford, residents who had gone back home after one evacuation were keeping on the Brazos River, which rose again after flood gates were opened at overloaded upstream reservoirs.

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Comments from the Owner: The rains continue to pour here in North East Texas. My yard is so flooded that I am considering stocking it with catfish. We always wanted some lake front property but really didn't expect the lake to come to us.
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